Technail Colour Kit


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14 mixable colours, which consist of opaque shades and shimmers which can be mixed for endless colour possibilities. The colours offer exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility when used with Attraction Nail Liquid. The kit also contains an iridescent super-fine glitter which can be mixed with any acrylic powder or gel for added dimension. Kit contains: eight 7gm Colour Powders (Fuchsia Pink, Basic Black, Chocolate Brown, Fire Engine Red, Mod Squad, Tye Dye Pink, Plum, Psychedelic), Six 7g Glitter Colour Powders (Glistening Cobalt, Canary Diamond, Opal Shimmer, Glistening Mango, Glistening Rose, Crystals) 118.3ml Attraction Nail Liquid, Attraction Crystal Clear 7g, 30 Platinum Forms, Two mixing Jars, Instructions and Cautions.

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