Watercolors Kit


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Reflect the essence of watercolor paintings with EzFlow's Design Colored Acrylic Collection - Watercolors. These six beautiful semi-sheer acrylics can be layered with Brush Strokes to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs. Aspiring Hues of soft jewel tones create the perfect Painter's Palette to bring to life the most artistic creations.

Featured on NAILS Magazine's February 2015 Cover!

Kit Includes:
- Aquarelle Acrylic Powder (7 g / 0.25oz)
- Brush Stroke Acrylic Powder (7 g / 0.25 oz)
- Painter's Palette Acrylic Powder (7 g / 0.25 oz)
- Mind's Eye Acrylic Powder (7 g / 0.25 oz)
- Aspiring Hues Acrylic Powder (7 g / 0.25 oz)
- Soft Portraits Acrylic Powder (7 g / 0.25 oz)
- Reusable EzFlow Branded Bag

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